6 Ways to Add ‘The Personal Touch’ to Your Business Social Media.

Marketing strategies are evolving. Simply ‘shouting out’ about your business on Social Media can get lost in increasingly noisy newsfeeds. Users of Social Media are looking for more, much more and they are discerning! They are looking for authenticity and to make real connections with people and businesses. It’s time to show what makes your business unique and that typically is the people behind it! It’s time to think about how you can add personality and reflect a little bit of yourself within your business Social Media.


It has never been easier to add ‘storytelling’ in your business on Social Media, without it compromising your core business messages. Depending upon your business, it may not feel ‘in-keeping’ with your brand to mix your corporate image with your personal one. However, ‘storytelling’ on some level really should be on your agenda and feature within your Content Marketing Strategy for 2017. Here are 6 ways in which you can add  ‘the personal touch’ to your business Social Media channels:-

  1. The old adage that ‘people buy people first and products second’ still rings true – even if they are connecting with your business online. As a business owner, if you had to describe yourself and your ‘uniqueness’ in 3 words – what would they be? What motivated you to set-up your business? What are you passionate about? Would any of these aspects of yourself be suitable to include within your business Social Media marketing? Would it help your business ‘stand-out’? Your followers may be intrigued to find out more about you!
  1. Share details of your ‘acorn to oak tree’ growth with your followers. Sharing your experiences and celebrating your company milestones with your community makes them feel part of your journey.


  1. Instagram Stories, Instagram Live and Facebook Live are very personal ways of having real-time experiences with your Social Media communities, across geographical boundaries. It doesn’t need to necessarily be very polished, perfect or over-produced – you can keep it natural and heartfelt. What better way of showing the people behind the brand!
  1. Depending on your business, adding emojis to your social media posts can give them a ‘human touch’. They can enrich the written word with non-verbal and fun cues. Using emojis has been shown to notably improve ‘likes’, ‘comments’ and ‘shares’ of Social Media content. Try testing them sparingly initially and see how they are received by your audience.


  1. Include your customer experiences in your Social Media posts where possible. This could be images of customers using your products, customers visiting your shop/restaurant or using your services. Customer endorsements are such a fantastic way to promote your business as they act as ‘social proof’ that your customers are fans of your business. It is also a great way to engage with your community and to reward them for their loyalty. You could share their tweet, repost their Instagram photo (with prior permission) or quote them in a Facebook post.
  1. Last but not least, be grateful and gracious with your Social Media community and customers. Engage with them in a human way and make them feel valued. Encourage conversations and really participate in them. People buy from people they know and trust so let your current and future customers get to know you!


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